We’re in this together

When treatment begins, we will be here to guide you through the temporary lifestyle change in your child’s diet and daily routines necessary to see results.

A Family Effort

To avoid seclusion and feelings of isolation, we find it important that the treatments provided in your child’s customized plan become a joint family effort.

Building Your Own Team of Medical Professionals

Southern California Food Allergy Institute provides TIP™ as part of an organized research process. We are NOT a primary care office, therefore it is required that you build a local support team near your home. In case your child develops symptoms or has an illness that limits TIP™ treatment advancement, our team will ask you to be evaluated by your local physician.

A Community of Support

Aside from the support you share within your family, and that is provided by our clinic, you can also join a large community of families and patients who share, inspire, and support each other on Facebook.

Ready for the next step?

Joining the Tolerance Induction Program™ is a big commitment, gain insight on the full experience in the next step.