Shane BellonPhysician Assistant

    Shane is a Physician Assistant who grew up northwest of Los Angeles in the city of Thousand Oaks. He got his undergraduate degree in Biology at California State University: Channel Islands, and then received his Masters of Physician Assistant Studies at a school in Provo, Utah. He has experience working in both pediatric and geriatric populations, and worked in emergency medical dispatch for over 2 years. He is now working towards a Doctor of Medical Science (DMSc) degree, and hopes to be done by the end of 2021.

    What drew you to work at SoCal Food Allergy?

    There were a multitude of factors that drew me to working at SoCal Food Allergy. The medicine is fascinating, the work environment is amazing, and the chemistry between the entire team is incredible. More than anything, however, was that I had an opportunity to permanently change the lives of patients in a way I never knew was even possible. I feel that SoCal Food Allergy is practicing a form of medicine that’s 20 years ahead of its time, and that this will eventually be the gold standard of food allergy treatment across the world. It feels great to be a pioneer in the field!

    What is your most memorable SoCal Food Allergy moment?

    I have seen plenty of patients eat foods that they thought they would never be able to even touch, let alone eat it to their heart’s content. One particular experience that stands out is seeing a teenager eat a full egg, when he had been previously hospitalized 4 times to egg alone. Not only did he eat it safely, but he said he loved the taste! His joy at being able to finally eat eggs freely, after thinking that his entire life he would have to avoid them, was an experience I’ll never forget.