Together we can restore hope and bring freedom to the millions of children and families who suffer anxiety, fear and isolation at every meal.

Your Support Matters

The Southern California Food Allergy Institute is dedicated to providing innovative and safe treatment for every child who suffers from food allergies.  As a non-profit organization, we rely on your generous support to offer cutting-edge clinical care and advance research discovery.

Together we can transform lives from fear and isolation to hope and freedom.

At-risk at every meal.

We offer groundbreaking treatment with unparalleled results for children with life-threatening food allergies .  The graduates of our program enjoy what was once impossible — the freedom to eat whatever they would like without limitation.

While we have made much progress, there is much work left to be done.  Millions of children across the United States and around the world continue to be at-risk at every meal.  Our model offers hope for every child and family who suffers from food allergy.   With the right funding, we have the ability to create the first sustainable model for food allergy treatment that has ever existed.

How Can you Help?  Fundraise for SoCal Food Allergy.

The sky is the limit!  You can literally do anything to help fundraise for SoCal Food Allergy.  Here are just a few ideas to inspire you.   Ready to get started?  Visit our Crowdrise page today and launch your next campaign to help millions of children get the treatment they deserve.

Birthday Campaign
Birthday Campaign
Sivan asked for donations in lieu of gifts for her birthday. Just four years old, she raised almost $2,000!
T-Shirt Campaign
T-Shirt Campaign
Shane and his brother made t-shirts to promote SoCal Food Allergy and raise money with each shirt they sell!
Bake<br />
Storey and her friends showed they care by giving up their weekends to host a bake sale on the pier.

Your gift has the power to change lives.

For more information on how you can support the Southern California Food Allergy Institute, please contact:

Jennifer Steffi Ewing
Director of Philanthropy | Major Gifts

Our Sponsors

SoCal Food Allergy is a non-profit organization supported by generous contributions. We are proud to partner with our sponsors to offer life-changing treatment to children who suffer from food allergies.