Mia Loftus

Mia Loftus

Lead Provider

Mia is originally from New Jersey, right outside of Philadelphia. She attended nursing school at the University of Pennsylvania and worked as a nurse at Vanderbilt University Children’s Hospital and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia in pulmonary medicine. Mia went back to the University of Pennsylvania for her Pediatric Nurse Practitioner degree with a concentration in acute/chronic care.

What brought you to work at SoCal Food Allergy?

TPIRC is a place for hope that is backed up by results. Of all the amazing things we do here I don’t think there is anything more powerful than giving families hope for a life without the fear of anaphylaxis. Food allergy families feel let down all the time, and I feel like here is where we can build them back up. There are not many places in the world of medicine where you see these kinds of results and it is exciting to be a part of the team here!”

What is your most memorable SoCal Food Allergy moment?

“I have so many memorable moments in clinic with families. Our whole clinic team gets to walk through this journey with them. I love hearing about how what we are doing in clinic really impacts our patient’s quality of life. I will always remember one time I was explaining how one child did not have to sit at the nut-free table at school anymore and the patient and Mom both began to cry. Another patient was planning on attending school for the first time now that their allergies were no longer life-threatening. Overall the moments that remind us of how life-changing this experience really sticks with me.”