Kellie Cusick

Kellie Cusick

Nurse Practitioner

Kellie is a board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner from Long Beach, CA. She attended nursing school at West Coast University, where she obtained her Bachelor’s degree and completed a preceptorship in pediatrics. After practicing in a variety of specialty settings including acute care, surgery, dialysis, and hospice; she returned to school to complete her Master’s and advanced practice training. Kellie loves to travel extensively having been to over 27 states and 15 different countries in her constant quest for adventure and delicious local foods. She currently attends USC Keck School of Medicine, where she is working on a Master’s in Pain Medicine.

What brought you to work at SoCal Food Allergy?

I had my first encounter with severe food allergies many years ago when I worked as a gymnastics coach. One of my students was anaphylactic to nearly every food I could think of and I had to carry her EpiPen with me during all of our classes and competitions. Her mother often shared with me her struggle with balancing her fears of allowing her daughter to attend while knowing just how meaningful it was to give her the chance to excel and enjoy the time with her peers. It quickly became clear to me just how difficult navigating everyday life for severe allergy sufferers and their families could be. I often think of this young girl and her family

When I interviewed and shadowed at SCFAI, I was blown away by the staff and patients that I met. The positivity and hope was incredibly infectious and I knew immediately that I wanted to be a part of what was happening here. I’m very passionate about cooking and sharing meals with loved ones; to be able to support the precious journey to food freedom with my patients and their families is the greatest honor! TPIRC and SCFAI are absolute thought leaders, practicing cutting edge medicine, and utilizing advanced technology, I’m extremely proud to work here.

What is your most memorable SoCal Food Allergy moment?

Anytime one of my patients successfully challenges a food that had previously caused a serious reaction is always such a joyful and memorable visit. I get so excited to hear kids and their families plan for all the new things that they will try. The opportunities are endless! #foodfreedom here we come!