Katarina Lum

Katarina Lum

Nurse Practitioner

Katarina is a Nurse Practitioner who grew up in San Fransisco, CA. She attended Emory University where she completed her Bachelors and Masters in Nursing (Family NP) and San Jose State University for BS in Nutrition. In her free time, she enjoys exercising, running, spending time with friends and family, and exploring new restaurants for great food!

What drew you to work at SoCal Food Allergy?

I joined SCFAI because I wanted to be a part of the groundbreaking treatment of food allergies in the pediatric population. SCFAI offers a unique cutting-edge treatment for patients that is not done anywhere else in the world. I find the work done at SCFAI incredible and fascinating. I am thrilled to be part of a team that can give people a chance at living a life where they aren’t fearful or limited to eating certain foods. Our program opens up doors for our patients to live a life without fear of eating foods. We give them an opportunity to live a somewhat normal childhood.

What is your most memorable SoCal Food Allergy moment?

The most memorable moment at SCFAI was the first time I had a patient challenging a whole peanut for the first time and mom cried because she loved peanuts. She then said, “now we can have peanuts back in our house!” These big moments when patients try their anaphylactic foods for the first time without any issue are one of the reasons why this job is so special!