Our Research
Our long term treatment & research model actively treats children with food allergies.

The SoCal Food Allergy facilities house a PhD research team and a basic science laboratory where we study blood and immune cells to better understand how we can safely speed up the treatment process.  The beauty of our methodology is with each case that we treat we collectively unmask millions of additional data points relating to the understanding and care of food allergies.  The study of these large data sets continues to reveal and reinforce predictive patterns.  These patterns lead to advancements in care and breakthrough discoveries at an unparalleled pace.  Over time, our already successful, integrated approach can be even further refined for more and more precise food allergy treatment.

Advancing Discovery

Our model of data collection and analysis opens the door for truly patient-driven research derived from real-world, clinical data and outcomes rather than laboratory hypotheses.  This collection of shared information offers the greatest hope to truly advance treatment protocols not only for food allergy, but for some of the most complex conditions.

SoCal Food Allergy is proud to be part of the bigger picture.  As the food allergy division of TPIRC (Translational Pulmonary and Immunology Research Center), SoCal Food Allergy is committed to the advancement of discovery and treatment for rare and orphan diseases.