Ethan Law: A Legacy Story

Ethan Law’s food allergy journey began as an infant with a reaction to formula. Early testing indicated that he was allergic to dairy, eggs, nuts, sesame, and kiwi. As Ethan got older, his family managed his allergy but not without accidental exposures at school and restaurants, leading to ER visits. Birthdays meant not sharing cupcakes or ice cream, and Halloween and Valentine’s candy were out of the question. The Law family carried on, managing his allergies and limiting potential exposures.

In December of 2017, Ethan’s parents, Judy and David, heard about SoCal Food Allergy from a family friend. It sounded too good to be true. In March of 2019, Ethan started his journey to Food Freedom at age 9. While Ethan avoided his food allergies, he loved all things food, including cooking shows. One of Ethan’s favorite foods was sushi. While he could enjoy most sushi, it always had to be ordered special-no sesame. As part of Ethan’s treatment journey, his parents promised to take him to Japan once he reached remission to enjoy all the sushi he could have ever dreamed of with no special orders.

Ethan and his family began on the path to food freedom and a dream of Japan on the horizon. They traveled from Phoenix to SoCal Food Allergy regularly for treatment, where Ethan progressed through the program. Ethan passed egg right before his 11th birthday and enjoyed a regular cupcake along with his friends and family for the first time in his life. Ethan was dedicated to his treatment and was an unstoppable force.

The following year in October, Ethan tragically lost his life in a watercraft accident. To honor Ethan’s memory and his tenacity in fighting food allergies, the Law Family has made a generous gift to support the construction and design of Pod B at SoCal Food Allergy’s new Willow Challenge Center and Patient Experience Hub. Pod B has been outfitted in blue to reflect Ethan’s courage, strength, and dedication of Ethan. In Pod B, you can find a plaque that represents his legacy. 

The Law family also gifts each new SoCal Food Allergy Institute patient with anaphylaxis kits. These anaphylaxis kits are used as a case to store medication and provide easy access to your medication when experiencing an emergency.

To make a gift in honor of Ethan, please visit or email