Dr. Randhawa: “Zeve, do you like fruit?”
    Zeve: “Yes, I love fruit!”
    Dr. Randhawa: “Do you like kiwi?”
    Zeve: “No, I like all fruit except kiwi.”
    Dr. Randhawa: “Do you like cantaloupe?
    Zeve: “No, I like all fruit except kiwi and cantaloupe.”
    Dr. Randhawa: “Do you know why you don’t like those fruits?”

    Puzzled and intrigued, 9-year-old Zeve was in for a treat and a science lesson that would explain what was unexplainable by many of his previous doctors. Unbeknownst to Zeve, his hate for kiwi and cantaloupe was directly driven by his food allergies. According to Zeve’s mother, this was the first time any doctor had ever taken the time to explain food allergies. Although Zeve had been living with food allergies since he was 3-years-old, there was very little that was ever explained to their family. Now 12-year-old Zeve can freely eat the foods to which he was once allergic. A year into remission, Zeve is enjoying food freedom! From being anaphylactic to peanuts to successfully completing a 150-peanut-food challenge!