Life before the Tolerance Induction Program included chronic exhaustion, weekly breathing treatments and avoidance of all allergens. Living a secluded life was something 10-year-old Connor became accustomed to — severe food allergies and asthma were in the driver’s seat. Looking at the entire immune system as one big machine, it was evident that Connor’s food allergies directly played a part in his severe asthma. Through SoCal Food Allergy, Connor was able to take back control of his life and do the things he had always dreamt of doing. A regional champion in Gymnastics, Connor is now able to perform at his best as his pulmonary health concerns are no longer holding back his ability to enjoy the sport he loves most. With all his great successes thus far, the future continues to look bright for Connor. He is on track to participate in the Junior Olympics! With his new found food freedom, Connor can now travel for competitions without the worry of packing his own food or facing the constant fear of accidental exposure — a freedom that once seemed impossible before TIP. Life following TIP, includes wheeze- free days, no more breathing treatments and chomping down on all the peanuts he can get his hands on! A few years ago, Connor could not even walk past peanuts without wheezing. Look at him now!