Anaya can now have her cake and eat it, too! Two years into remission, Anaya just turned seven years old and celebrated her birthday in true TIP fashion – with her first “real” birthday cake! Like many of our TIP Families, Anaya’s mom could be considered a pro allergy-friendly baker with all the experience she has gained throughout the years baking Anaya’s birthday cakes herself.  This year, for the first time ever, the Brar family did not need to worry about egg-substitutes or dairy-substitutes. Anaya can have the same cake as all her friends. From fear of accidental exposure, Anaya missed out on so many birthday parties. After successfully completing the Tolerance Induction Program, Anaya can not only attend her friends’ birthday parties, but can enjoy all the same yummy treats alongside her besties!  Life after TIP is as sweet as can be!