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Our long term treatment and research model actively treats children with food allergies.

Founded in 2015 by Dr. Inderpal Randhawa, the Southern California Food Allergy Institute is a cutting-edge clinical care and research center that is revolutionizing food allergy treatment.

Our Founder
Dr. Inderpal Randhawa

Dr. Inderpal Randhawa is a leading clinical academic scientist with five board certifications in transplant immunology, allergy, pulmonology, pediatrics, and internal medicine. Early in his career, Dr. Randhawa began to question conventional protocols for the treatment of life-threatening food allergies. Distressed by watching parents suffer the loss of their children to fatal allergic reactions, he purposed to find innovative solutions and change the status quo. His early experience in lung transplant immunology coupled with his collaboration with national allergy and immunology specialists, led him to develop the safe, innovative solutions now offered through the Southern California Food Allergy Institute.

We are dedicated to providing innovative and safe treatment for the six million children in the United States who suffer from food allergies.

Southern California Food Allergy Institute is the largest food allergy treatment center of its kind.

Thousands of food-allergic children have graduated from our Tolerance Induction Program™ (TIP) and now experience what was once impossible — the joy of freely eating whatever they would like without limitation.

With a near-perfect success rate, the Southern California Food Allergy Institute offers secure, sustainable, and successful treatment to any child with any food allergy — without restriction.

Our Services

At the Southern California Food Allergy Institute, we pride ourselves on our variety of services to help treat children with food allergies. Learn more about each area of service below.

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Tolerance Induction Program™

What is Tolerance Induction Program™?
Southern California Food Allergy Institute is built on molecular data. As of June 2020, the Institute has stored over a trillion data points from anaphylactic patients in TIP™. This non-identified data, housed with secure strategies, is utilized to support vector machine analytics. In short, the data collected allows analytics to be conducted on a weekly basis for new patients arriving at the Southern California Food Allergy Institute. The more data points we collect, the more intelligent our machine analytics becomes. The use of this data helps predict how food allergy patients will respond to certain aspects of treatment and the predictive aspect of this data promotes safety. In the near future, the data analytics approach will be modeled into machine learning software allowing for increased speed and automation of this process.

Food Lab

What is a Food Lab?
Unique to the Southern California Food Allergy Institute, the Institute houses a one-of-a-kind food laboratory. Given the precise nature of TIP™, each patient requires very specific protein dose requirements, down to the milligram and microgram of protein.

How is it possible to measure these small doses safely?
The Food Lab is led by several food technicians who follow a focused design process which is geared to producing clean, cross-contamination free sources of food proteins including peanuts, tree nuts, seeds and more. After whole foods are processed utilizing processes to remove oil and fat, the remaining proteins are in modified powder form. These foods are measured individually, labeled, and packaged with expiration dates all at a patient specific level. Currently, the Food Lab produces over 30,000 doses of food protein every month! The hard work of our food laboratory technicians keep our TIP™ patients safe as they navigate the process of food treatment.

Gummy Gelatinization

What is this food protein dosing process called?
The Gummy Gelatinization Process uses a series of food protein extraction methods that allow nut proteins to be produced into specific color and sized gummies. This process allows us to make large quantities of standard dose sizes with a high degree of accuracy.

What is in the Gummies?
Aside from the specific nut proteins, which are sourced from organic companies and prepared to avoid cross-contamination, the gummies only have gelatin, sugar, food coloring and safe preservatives to give the doses a shelf life of 8 to 10 weeks. The gelatin is beef-based.

Diagnostics Lab

What is the Diagnositics Lab?
The Southern California Food Allergy Institute is proud to have established its own food allergy diagnostics laboratory, Foundation Labs. Housing over 3 tons of laboratory equipment, Foundation Labs received federal CLIA and COLA certification in December 2018. Southern California Food Allergy Institute patients now can undergo complete biomarker analytics utilizing our own federally-regulated facility.

This unique laboratory offers the ability to run biomarkers not available at other facilities which reflect the immune system’s response to various food proteins. With increased efficiency and an ability to receive blood samples from other states, Foundation Labs will help patients all over the U.S. and the world receive cutting edge TIP™ therapy.


What is SLIT?
SLIT stands for Sublingual Immunotherapy. It treats the underlying cause of allergic reactions and is designed to gradually desensitize the immune system to specific environmental allergens. If your child is instructed to enroll in SLIT prior or during the Tolerance Induction Program™, it is a requirement if you wish to continue TIP™.

Why does my child need to enroll?
Environmental allergies share biosimilar proteins as food allergens. In order to treat certain food allergies, environmental allergies need to be treated as well. Our unique formula is TIP™-driven, created with extensive research by our founder Dr. Randhawa and designed for our patients in TIP™. In addition, your child will also gain relief from pollen allergies including improvement in nasal, eye, and lung symptoms. The typical treatment duration of SLIT is 2 to 3 years. However, the duration of SLIT therapy is patient-specific and may be longer or shorter.

Studio Kitchen

How does Studio Kitchen help me?
The Studio Kitchen was created to take the fatigue out of TIP™. We understand how stressful the program can be for the parents tasked with making sure our patients eat what is required each day. In order to relieve that stress, the Studio Kitchen is working to help provide recipes, suggestions, video how-tos, and tips while in treatment. The Studio Kitchen is also where we hold monthly celebrations where families who are in-clinic for an appointment can decorate allergy-free cookies, sometimes for the first time in their lives.

Medical Advisory Board

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We are dedicated to helping your child achieve Food Freedom, and there is a lot to consider when deciding if our Tolerance Induction Program™ (TIP) is right for you and your family. You can always learn more about our Tolerance Induction Program™ here so you can make the most informed decision.