How does the Tolerance Induction Program work?

We believe that each child’s food allergy treatment should be just as unique as they are.

The Tolerance Induction Program is built on over a decade of diagnostic data collected from treated patients.  This amounts to over 180 million data points.  What is the purpose of collecting all that data?  The data allows us to use high-powered mathematics and analytics to best understand food allergy and how to safely treat your child to overcome their unique food allergies.  Your child’s data directly drives their treatment — down to the milligram of food protein for each dose throughout the program.  This means every child receives an entirely unique form of therapy.  It also means that each new case grows the amount of data that we can continually study and analyze – leading to an even better understanding of food allergy and an even more efficient treatment program.

Being a Part of Research Counts

You can feel good about being a part of a program that not only treats your child’s food allergies, but also allows our research team to advance the food allergy treatment cause for all children. Our long-term treatment and research model actively and successfully treats patients in our clinic while our research team continuously studies blood and immune cells in our on-site laboratory to better understand how we can safely speed up the treatment process.

From Fear and Isolation to Hope and Freedom

Meet just a few of the graduates of our Tolerance Induction Program who now experience true food freedom.

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